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The History EMP

If you’re familiar with technology and science, you may be aware of a phenomenon called an Electromagnetic Pulse. In theory, an EMP of sufficient size and strength could fry any electrical device for miles around. This means all lights, phones, computers, cars, the internet, etc., would be knocked out of commission. Possibly forever. In addition to that, all data not shielded in an EMP-proof facility would be lost as well. That means your life savings and investments would be gone in the wink of an eye. It is a terrifying thought.

There’s something going on that’s equally terrifying. I call it The History EMP. As you know by now, our history is being systematically erased, and replaced with politically correct garbage, that has no basis in truth. The 1619 Project, for example. This pile of putrid refuse is going to be taught in our schools this fall. If they ever open up again. There’s only one problem, it’s all lies. Even the creators of this New York Times fake history project, have admitted that it’s all a “what if” scenario. Not based in history, at all.

However, that’s not stopping the NEA from promoting this tripe as actual history. Our children are being taught to hate America at a rate that must have JFK spinning in his grave. The radicals are out in the open, and proud of it. Socialists like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez are pushing ideas that would have made even Karl Marx say, “Whoa!” In the past, Progressives were content with making progress in baby-steps. Now, that baby is full-grown and running around dressed like a ninja. Smashing windows, tearing down statues, and trying to burn down buildings with people trapped inside.

How did this all get so out of control so fast? The answer is that it’s been in the works for decades. Inspired by the Communist Party of Russia, the Progressives are following an outline for the takeover of America from within. It’s been in the works for over 100 years. The Socialists realized that an attempted takeover by force would not be tolerated by the American public. However, if they could take over our public schools, and train generations of our children to hate America, they could achieve their goals without firing a shot.

The attack on history, specifically American History, is just another objective in the battle. If you rewrite history to show America as a horrible racist nation, it makes it much easier to hoodwink today’s misguided youth to attack it! Many schools have stopped teaching American History altogether. And the ones that haven’t, are teaching a highly progressive version, that portrays all of our Founding Fathers as racists slave-owners.

What needs to happen is for American History to be taught in an UNBIASED, truthful manner. One that doesn’t portray America as hell on earth. Also, American Civics classes need to be brought back as well. This way, children will be taught how government is supposed to work. Then, maybe they will recognize it for the swamp it has become, and become inspired to do something about it!

After all, even with all of our current challenges, people from all over the world are STILL (literally) dying to come to the greatest country on earth. Are we perfect? No. However, we believe we are the next best thing. And so do thousands of legal immigrants who come here every year. Not to mention the illegal immigrants, who risk their lives crossing the border, to get to this land of opportunity. If we are such an awful, racist nation, why are they still coming?

Glenn Beck said recently he keeps hearing the words Clay Pots, whenever he prays for guidance. Since the Obama years, he has been saying we should all keep a journal to document these crazy times. Something physical, that can’t be purged by Google, Facebook, or some other online overlord. We need to become History Archivists.

If you see a story that would seem inconceivable just a few short months ago, print it out and keep it in a binder. Also, start a journal, to document your thoughts and feelings about these times. We need to start preserving history in our own clay pots before it’s all torn down like a statue of Frederick Douglass. It’s time to step up and save our great history. Are you ready?

Thank you for taking the time to read this article, and please share it with your friends!  

“I agree with you that in politics the middle way is none at all.”

  • John Adams


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